More than 1000
ready-made solutions
for liquid dosing

Dosing in the food industry

Dosing of preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, fatty acids, supplements.

Treatment of industrial water.

Dosing products for washing bottles. 

And other technological processes.

  • Dosing pumps for providing salt   solution.
  • Pumps for Dosing of propionic acid.
  • Pump–dispenser for pumping and dosing the jelly filling.
  • Pump for syrup.
  • Pump for dosing concentrated nitric acid.
  • Pump for dosing sulfuric acid.
  • Pumps for dosing amino acids.
  • Dosing pump for vegetable oil.
  • Caustic dosing pump.
  • Pump for conveying and dosing of concentrated alkali solutions and nitric acid.
  • And others...