More than 1000
ready-made solutions
for liquid dosing

Dosing pumps for water treatment and utilities

The presentation of the equipment for the enterprises of water treatment and utilities

Chemical dosing for water treatment.

Water treatment for technological processes of various industries enterprises.

Industrial wastewater treatment.

And other technological processes. 

  • The feed pump  of demineralized water.
  • The feed pump of hydrochloric acid  in a rotary-disc extractor.  
  • Pumps for dosing of sodium hypochlorite during the disinfection of water.
  • Pump for dispensing mortar to control the level of acidity.
  • Pump for dosing of aluminium sulphate.
  • The dosing pump for the injection of polyphosphates.
  • Pump for coagulant dosing.
  • The dosing pump caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, caustic soda).