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The usage of dosing equipment in the oil and gas industry

Pumps and Packages for the Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas

The usage of dosing equipment in the oil and gas industry






Extraction and transportation of oil and gas

During the extraction, transportation and processing of fossil fuels to increase the efficiency of production chemicals are involved. The use of surfactants, acids, and polymers on the initial stages of development allows to increase the productivity of oil reservoirs more than 15%.

At the final stage of exploitation of oil fields there is a sharp decline in crude production, increased water content and viscosity of oil.  The use of chemical reagents allows to improve the discharge of the reservoir to reduce the viscosity of the pumped raw material and protect the pipelines from corrosion.

Usage of exactly dosed chemical reagents ─ neutral, and often aggressive, toxic and flammable liquids ─ solves a complex technological task during the extraction, transportation and processing of oil and gas.p>


Application fields  dosing pumps of Areopag in the oil and gas industries


The usage of dosing pumps The name of the reagent Appointment

The impact of oil, water and gas.

Application. The cavity wells, commercial communications, group metering stations (GMS), high pressure pump stations (HPPS).


The destruction of the emulsion at an early stage of its formation

The annulus of the well. Methanol Decrease of gas pressure in the annulus
Mouth. Flowlines and facilities located prior to the installation of oil treatment. Demulsifiers The stimulation of path emulgirovanija
GMS. The piping from GMS to HPPS. Demulsifiers The destruction of the emulsion in the pipeline
HPPS. The piping from the HPPS to OTU. Demulsifiers The destruction of the emulsion in the tanks
An oil treatment unit (OTU). Demulsifiers The destruction of water-oil emulsions
Storage and oil pipeline. Demulsifiers The destruction of water-oil emulsions
  Corrosion inhibitors An absorption of oxygen in the pipes, preventing corrosion of process equipment
  Bactericides, hydrochlorides
The growth reduction sulfatoxymelatonin, and tiolovykh of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria. The destruction of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. 
  The scale inhibitors Pipes protection from the accumulation of mineral salts.
  Inhibitors of hydrates with inhibitors of hydration of low density Prevention of gas hydrate formation during production, transportation and processing.
  Depressant additives Reducing the temperature of solidification of oil and stable gas condensate by dispersing and blocking reproduction of the molecules of paraffin.
  Modified starch, synthetic polymer Lowering the yield of working solutions based on fluids.
  Polyanionic cellulose, carboxymethylcellulose Septimanie of drilling mixtures.
   Synthetic polymers, lignosulphonates and lignites The decrease in ductility of working solutions.
  Additives in the cement blend

Lowering the water loss of cement mortar,  slowing of setting, defoaming, reducing friction, stabilization of the solution.

   Water purifiers  Removal of oil from industrial water.
   Inhibitors of paraffins    Preventing the formation of paraffins.
   PH Controllers    The decrease in the decomposition of the glycol.



Solutions for the oil and gas industry

Areopag produces piston, diaphragm and peristaltic pumps for the oil and gas industries.

All plant equipment of Areopag has certificates of conformity to Technical regulations of the Customs Union  «About safety of machines and equipment»,  and «About security  operation of the equipment in explosion-proof environments».

Quality, reliability and the ability to develop technical documentation  under individual request of the customer made Areopag dosing pumps the first choice for solving problems of dosing in the oil and gas industry.


The usage of dosing pumps and dosing units



Methanol injection

An injection of methanol for hydrate formation prevention. An injection of methanol for pressure lowering in the annulus of the well. The pressure reduction in the annulus of producing wells is a significant reserve increase oil production and improve in the reliability of submersible pumping equipment.

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Dosing  on offshore drilling platforms

There are works on drilling and well operations on the platform at the same time. The peculiarity of these objects is an automatic work without people's participation and a minimum amount of equipment,  which can be controlled remotely.

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An injection of corrosion inhibitors

The problem  of corrosion prevention of technological equipment  is solved by oxygen uptake in the pipes.   For this technical environment injected with corrosion inhibitors. 

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Supply of EG, DG and TG

Supply of EG, DG and TG provides gas drying and regeneration of spent ethylene glycol.

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Odorization of gas


The need for odorization of natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon mixtures due to the fact that they initially have no smell, and therefore to detect their leakage from the closed system that would lead to poisoning of personnel and the occurrence of explosive situations, without special equipment is impossible.

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Maintenance of demulsifiers


Liquid demulsifiers are surface-active substances (SAS), the activity of which is higher than that of natural emulsifiers, which for oil are paraffins, naphtene, asphaltenes, etc. Because of this, they displace them from the surface of water droplets, stopping the process of formation of oil emulsions.

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 Dosing equipment


Dosing pump unit of open execution on a frame

BCRA – the block of continuous reagent addition can be completed on the basis of the electric pump of piston or diaphragm units, and also  additional equipment according to the technological requirements of the customer. 

Borehole installation of chemical dosing (BIDCR, DPM)

Dosing blocks are designed for chemicals supply in oil and gas wells and in pipelines of gathering and transportation of oil to protect the oil equipment from corrosion, salt depositions, paraffin, etc.

Reagent batching blocks (mini BRF)

Light and mobile design of the block allows you to use it without a foundation and mix depending on production requirements.

Блок The block of reagent equipment (BRF, CD, DU)

Blocks of continuous reagent dosing in a heated shelter units designed for automatic injection of chemicals into a pipeline of commercial collection, transportation and preparation of oil. 

Mobile block of reagent facilities 

MBRF – designed  for preparation, transportation and dosing injection of a neutral, toxic and flammable liquid chemical reagents in the annulus of oil and gas wells and also in pipelines.

Methanol supply block of EG, DG

Blocks are intended for supplying methanol or glycol in gas wells, gathering pipelines and transportation of gas to prevent hydrate plugs and deposits, and also for providing EG, DG and TG for gas dehydration and regeneration of the spent glycol.


Presentation of equipment to the oil and gas industies

Dosing of inhibitors, demulsifiers, methanol, hydrogen sulfide neutralizers, antiturbulent additives, etc.

Dosing of additives into gasoline, diesel fuel and other products.

And other technological processes.         

  • Pumps for controlled supply pressure in the annular space of wells and pipelines.
  • Pumps for controlled supply of demulsifiers for oil treatment.
  • Pumps for regulated supply of inhibitors of corrosion, scaling, paraffin deposits in wells and pipelines.
  • Pumps for dispensing antiturbulent additives.
  • Pumps for dispensing neutralizers of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Pumps for dosing of additives for fuels to improve engine performance.
  • Pumps for dispensing anti-crystallization  additives.
  • Dosing pump for hydrotreating and isodewaxing of oils.
  • The injection pump of antioxidant.
  • Feed pump of alkali.
  • Methanol feed block.
  • Block of reagent facility.
  • Block of continuous of reagents dosing.
  • Pump for installation of gas odorization.
  • Dosing pump in the set of visbreaker installation.
  • And others...