More than 1000
ready-made solutions
for liquid dosing

 Chemical Pumps and Metering Packages for the Chemical IndustryDosing pumps in the chemical industry

Dosing, mixing and injection of chemicals and fluids, including toxic.

Water treatment of drinking and industrial water.

And other technological processes. 

  • A pump for pumping steam condensate.
  • A pump of providing the hydrolyzate of dimethyldichlorosilanein in a cartridge filter..
  • A pump for solution dosing of sodium carbonate.
  • A pump for dosing of flocculant.
  • A pump for dosing of sodium hydroxide.
  • A pump for the solution providing to the cascades and sedimentation of carbons.
  • Dosing pump for extragent providing.
  • A pump for suspension providing of hydroxide to filtration.
  • A pump dispenser for solution of nitrate cerium on extraction.
  • A pump for dosing supply of isopropanol in a reactor shockproof copolymer.
  • Pumps for the dosed supply of fusible additives in the extruder.
  • Pumps for dispensing feed liquefied recycling gas for reactor of polymerization cooling.
  • Pumps for supplying liquefied propylene to purification and drying.
  • A pump supplying water for steam cooling.
  • The feed pump of trimethylchlorosilane into the mixer.
  • A feed pump of hexamethyldisiloxane in the heat exchanger.
  • A supplying pump of the methyldichlorosilane mixture of and trimethylchlorosilane into the mixer.
  • A dosing pump of the hydrolyzate into the heat exchanger.
  • A dosing pump of polymethylsiloxanes liquid. 
  • And others...