More than 1000
ready-made solutions
for liquid dosing

Power Plants and Power Suppliers


Dosing pumps energy field


Presentation of equipment for energy companies

Dosing of chemicals in water treatment plants. 

And other technological processes.

  • Pumps for dosing of phosphate solution.
  • A pump of ammonia solution dosing.
  • Dosing block of chemicals for treatment plants waste water.
  • Dosing block of chemicals for  установки treatment plants cooling water of recirculating cooling system.
  • Preparation and dosing block of reagents for conducting a water-chemical mode. 
  • An intake and pumping pump of alkali.
  • A pump for turbine and transformed oil from tankers into the storage tanks.
  • A pump for providing turbine oil to the steam and gas turbine and transformed oil into the tank truck.
  • Installation for dosing working solutions complexonates in make-up or network water heating systems, domestic hot water (DHW), the feed water of steam boilers, circulating water of cooling systems to reduce corrosion activity and scale-forming tendency of water.
  • Dosing pump of hypochlorite.
  • A pump for solution dosing of hydrazine hydrate in the process of conservation of power boilers and steam boilers heating network.
  • Dosing pump of alkali for alkalizing water.
  • Dosing pump of acid composition of SPM preparing boilers and heating systems.
  • Dosing pump for solution of helamin in the section of boiler in the unit of correctional processing of feed and boiler water set.
  • Dosing pump in a set of demineralization plant block for dosing sodium hydroxide in the boiler drum, feed water, filters, regenerators.
  • Dosing pump of sulfuric acid in the set of the regenerating unit DU.
  • Dosing pump of a methanol economy gas turbine plant. 
  • And others...