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Process pumps


ZDT “Areopag” dosing equipment plant - Russian manufacturer of proportioning pumps. Member of Russian Pump Manufacturers Association. Member of Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Producers. 


lmplementation of large-scale projects for various branches of industry: 

• Petrochemistry
• Oil processing
• Natural gas production and processing
• Chemical industry
• Nuclear industry
• Food industry
• Power engineering
• Mining industry and metallurgy
• Metal working and mechanical engineering
• Water conditioning and municipal engineering


Перистальтические насосы Блочное оборудование

Предохранительная и защитная арматура

Предохранительная и защитная арматура

Process pumps ND  Metering pumps NDM Peristaltic units BNDR - dosing blocks

Protection and safety valves


Design and production of proportioning equipment

• Design of equipment for Customer's specific conditions
• Full manufacture cycle with use of domestic components and technologies
• Engineering projects without third-party contractors
• Execution of projects as EPC-contractor

Company and Customer go together through all stages of project:

• Preliminary elaboration - Sa/es department
• Support and keeping of project - Engineering department
• Design - Design department
• Development of control schemes, equipment selection - /ndustrial control department
• Manufacture - Production departments
• Tests of equipment, demonstration of equipment to Customer - Test department
• Complete supplies - Purchase department
• Contract supervision, starting-up and adjustment, after-sale service - Service center


• Proportioning plunger and diaphragm pumps
• Glandless pumps М8
• Peristaltic (hose-type) pumps
• Continuous proportioning units:
   • methanol delivery units
   • methanol proportioning units
   • natural gas odorization units
   • reagent proportioning units
   • downhole installations of reagent proportioning; reagent system units
   • moblle reagent system units
•Safety and protection valves
• Filters.

AREOPAG patented products:

• Glandless plunger pump М8
• MoЬile reagent system units
• Micro-proportioning pump М9.

Permissive documents:

• Certificates of conformity with Technical regulations of Customs Union
• Licences to design and manufacture equipment for nuclear installations
• Certificates of self-regulating organization about permit to perform construction and design work
• Quality management certificates
• Gaspromsert's conformity certificate
• And other permissive documents.

Permissive documents